2013 Gliding Video

For some reason, not a bunch of video.  But a great trip to the Mexican border in Sean Franke’s Nimbus 4d.

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Comey and McCabe perform in prison

4k - Low Light Test - DJI Mavic 2 Pro

Lancair Mako Wing Closing

Rock polishing in French Alps

Glasair 1RG Wildlife Check

Kiteboarding in 35 knots and 34 degrees

Bumper Cobra trailer “easy ramp slider” upgrade

Big thermal during 300km triangle

Electric All Road Skatebord

Landing Detroit

Departure and climb out of Reno

Reno Air Races Unlimited Gold Final

JS1c-Evo flying Minden

ArcusM flying Ionia, MI

Not a single car at IKEA government mandated electric car charge stations, AGAIN

Bob Fidler Glasair 1 Test Flight

7T final day cancelled

2012 Winnebago View 24L "Loaded" with 27,200 miles

StemmeS12 Break

Fun with the Stemme S12

RadianXL 2 6 soaring w/ onboard camera


How to ship 2 glider trailers with axles in one container

Fixed mount (not handheld) Camera - 2017 WGC Day 3 - pre-start gaggle - Sean Fidler - 7T 18m USA

Quick JS3 walk around with the Jonker Sailplane boys…

SGP Australia Day 7 Start for 7T (Sean Fidler) Updated version