2012 Soaring Video

Minden, Parawon Utah Sports Class Nationals, Uvalde World Championships (Spectator), R4N Fairfiled PA…

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Sean Fidler YouTube Channel

F18 vs. Mig29 Guns Only Fight (DCS World)

DCS World Fun #1

Uys Yonkers advice for US Soaring Teams

Winch Duo Sosa

JS3 Sailplane Demo - March 2019 - Tennessee USA

1000 POINTS! LIVE IN COCKPIT - Winning a day at the FAI World Gliding Championships

Glasair 1RG Wildlife Check

JS1c-Evo flying Minden

ArcusM flying Ionia, MI

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7T final day cancelled

StemmeS12 Break

Fun with the Stemme S12

RadianXL 2 6 soaring w/ onboard camera

How to ship 2 glider trailers with axles in one container

Fixed mount (not handheld) Camera - 2017 WGC Day 3 - pre-start gaggle - Sean Fidler - 7T 18m USA

Quick JS3 walk around with the Jonker Sailplane boys…

SGP Australia Day 7 Start for 7T (Sean Fidler) Updated version

Updated Version - FAI SGP Australia - Race 7 Final Glide

2016 FAI SGP Australia - Final Glide of Final Race!

Mt Buffalo - Benalla Australia

Themaling over Mt Bule #51 Dec 10 2016

Flight #2 Benalla, Victoria, Australia

First flight Benalla Australia 7T Dec 9 2016

2016 World Championships Las Vegas USA

7T in 1080p60fps - 2016 Canadian Nationals - landing after water problem

7T off to Australia

RC Carbon Cub Flight in 4k res (Sean Fidler)