Sailplane Grand Prix should be governed by MASS and not wing loading for a fair and equal competition. 

600 kg is the maximum mass for all current 18m gliders per FAI rules.  Yet most designers come up with wildly different optimum wing area.  Each designer creates airfoils, geometry, and wing planforms to best solve the complex sailplane performance equation (climb vs. cruise performance in a wide range of conditions).  Equal wing loading clearly does not mean modern gliders all perform evenly.  This is obvious.  There is MUCH more to the equation.  Then why are we ruining FAI SGP competitions by so obviously destroying certain sailplanes performance potential?  We allow the large wing gliders to carry far more mass, and they perform equal or better in cruise and better in climb and weak lift.

Why penalize the sailplanes which made the design choice to optimize performance with smaller wings?  Then why don’t all gliders just have smaller wings???