Peter Dinklage.  Wow!

Wow again. I have come to truly love this actor. I am not sure what it is about him. Sure the series itself, GoT’s, is excellent. Sure it may be his size, and how that plays in the story. But I think it was more about the power of the situation his character existed in and how he survived, despite constant heartbreak. Sure, they focused great effort on his character while writing the script and his character was a key to the story, but, regardless of all that, this man is probably one of the best actors who has ever lived AND he is now probably my favorite actor, ever. I am simply blown away. Deep down, I think that I simply do not like how he is limited by his size. But this extends to many of us and our own limitations and challenges in life. Life can be very unfair, often. Consider that he won’t be hired for many feature movies moving forward because his small size doesn’t fit the typical Hollywood wash, rinse, repeat garbage movie scripts. And if they do hire him for a bunch of movies, it will undoubtedly look and feel forced. That said, I still just can’t put my finger on why I like him so much. It’s much more than feeling empathy for his situation.

At the end of the day, I think what I love most about him are the overwhelming odds he constantly must fight against both in real life an in GoT. He has overcome them mostly. But also how close to the edge of risk he always was, and how he clearly gave less and less of a shit about that (or himself) as time went on. What a great thing this GoT’s has been. I avoided GoT’s until a couple of months ago, and then boom, I tried the first episode, was immediately blown away and proceeded to watch the first 7 seasons all within the last 2 months.

I do hope that I can shake his hand one day and say thanks!  I am certain the line will be very long.