How is it that the Soaring Society of America’s Good Old Boy spokesperson (and Jr. badge holder) Sean (mini-me) Murphy, proudly commented that a “consensus” was reached (by the “elite” SSA pilots who voted for the 15m & 18m team) that “Sean Fidler is only good with markers?” This statement came from mini-me many days before Pete “the puppet” Alexander had found the time to send out the email with the “results” (cough, cough) of the voting (weeks later)?

How could Sean (mini-me) Murphy have known the consensus he shared so proudly? We still do not know what the “comments” and “elite” votes actually were from the individuals who voted in each poll. We do not know the criteria, at what weight (no guidance or objective constraints whatsoever) was voted on by each member. Essentially they were free to vote for any motivation they wished (popularity/bikini round) with absolutely zero governance. That said, apparently, some did know “the consensus” before any details have been released. How could that be? Those comments and subjective votes have not been released. How does Mini-Me know? The answer is that this was designed, by the good old boy butthurt, to promote their chosen, compliant, poodles.

This is the “Soaring Society Of America Good Old Boy Cronyism” way. They have run so many out of the sport by coordinating responses on these blind polls (failed US Rules and now failed US Team). In the Rules poll, they coordinate but also design very leading questions. They tightly control the content in secret, closed fashion. In the “Team” vote poll it appears likely that they also coordinate their responses ahead of time (due to their being deeply Butthurt by my success) in order to “get around” the “inconvenient truth” of the objective results of their own International Team Rankings. Total collusion, coordination, and political gaming.

What is Sean’s (sorry, mini-me) “consensus” (along with the other Butthurt Good Old Boys) based on? Certainly not on the SeeYou replays of all the flights (objective). That actually shows EXACTLY the opposite. Erik and mini-me (same as Club Class 2017) need their friends to fly with them to fly slowly and 90 appears to have a homing system for leeching P7 (Day 3 video). Leeching that tightly behind a fellow pilot, for that long, could be considered “soaring rape.”

But facts and objectivity are no longer important or relevant in US Team pilot selection. This process is about subjective votes and popularity (and coordinating against various enemies). It’s about Insiders and outsiders. It’s about desperately clinging to power. It’s the carefully coordinated “feelings” (insert any coordinated reason here) of the Butthurt Good Old Boys. It’s retribution. It’s social justice for the ANTIFA of the SSA (Good Old Boys).

So, Sean “mini-me” Murphy (and the rest of the butthurt Good Old Boys) claims to have already known what the contrived “theme” of the good old boy voter comments was (in the closed US team vote/poll popularity contest) weeks before even the results of the subjective bikini contest had been released. The actual comments are (wink, wink) STILL only known to the US Team Committee (which is of the highest ethical caliber, cough, cough) and the individual voters themselves (not really, Sean Murphy and many have discussed this). Common Good Old Boys, who are you (idiots) trying to kid? Why not just admit your new selection process is nothing more than another PRE-FABRICATED popularity contest? Why lie? Why make it up? Why embarrass yourselves? It’s so amazingly obvious. Why not just set it up like France where the King Good Old Boy dresses up in a King outfit and points out his choices with a golden saber?

The US Team is not a team, it’s a Good Old Boy club perk and always has been. And THAT is why the US Team sucks…and will continue to SUCK…for years to come…