Who flys fast without markers?  You decide.  The video below is simple and objective.  Turn it on mute if you must.

I give you your 18m US team!  Shaking my head…  Here is a detailed replay of the final competition day at 2017 US 15m nationals.  My flight is compared with:

  1. Erik “the poodle” Nelson and his own “Mini-Me (Sean Murphy) TEAM FLY (reminds me of the 2017 Club Class Nationals) the entire start and task (yet again).  I wonder if they suffer separation anxiety without being able to see and caress each other during the majority of their tasks?  It appears to be the case.  Mini-Me, of course, claimed (on behalf of the Good Old Boys and well before any voting data was releases this morning) that I was not chosen “because I am not fast without markers.”  Keep that in the back of your head as you watch this.  They are desperate to try and cover their favoritism.
  2. Bob Fletcher “MERCILESSLY leeches P7” for nearly the entire flight.  He offers no help and sits dead behind.  It’s a sight to behold.  You want to see blatant leeching, load up this day for yourself in SeeYou.  This is how leeching is done, kids.  This is some of the most absolutely pathetic leeching I have seen (and both Bob and Erik are now on the powerhouse, Good Old Boy approved US Team).

Erik and Mini-Me (despite team flying) were slow as hell on this task considering the team flew the entire time, finishing in formation.

Bob catches and gains early (fairly lucky, PG and I get stuck in TP 1 after cycle) but (even though I was dry from TP1 forward) I gain almost all of it back in the 2nd half of the task by being smarter.


Enjoy the truth…and compare it with their “votes” which are based on nothing but being BUTTHURT.