Exhibit A:  From the 2017 SSA US Rules opinion poll

Here we see the many assumptions and opinions that are provided to steer the casual US contest pilot towards a particular answer in the SSA’s US rule committees world famous “opinion” poll.

They provide their readers two loosely positive points for FAI rules, and then complete this list with SEVEN (what they believe are) negative issues with the US dumping the US Rules (failed) experiment, and adopting the FAI rules (the world standard).

It is abundantly clear that despite their very best efforts to kill FAI rules for the last twenty years in the USA, the grassroots (and the nearly unanimous preference for FAI rules, by raise of hands, at the 2017 US 15m Nationals rules meeting) preference to switch back to the FAI rules in the USA is creating great stress among the SSA good old boys.

Much, much more to come from this years opinion poll, and the last 5 years, in a post series which will be coming in the weeks and months ahead.

Sean Fidler
USA – ASG29 7T