2016 Blokart World Championships

We are heading out to Las Vegas today.  Writing this from the very bumpy plane.

We brought all the equipment with us on the plane this time.  It was very easy, used the sky cab to check it all in.  We brought:

  • The Blokart (in bag, 67 lbs with spare wheel assembly)
  • A snowboard bag for 3 sails (35 lbs, picking up a new 5.5 meter sail there)
  • A hockey bag (40 lbs, tires, masts, POD, tools, helmet, etc.)
  • A DJI Phantom 4 in a pelican case (plan on shooting a bunch of racing from the drone).

In general we are very prepared and feel good about everything.  I even remembered tell tales for the 5.5 m that we will take delivery of in Ivanpah.

They are there now racing the North Americans.  It sounds like there has not been much wind although they did get several races in yesterday.  Results can be found here:  http://blokartworlds.com

I will post daily reports here.


Sean Fidler
Team USA